Spreading Some Sunshine to You and Yours

We make Handcrafted, Small Batch Chocolates at 8,000 feet in Arizona’s White Mountains. 🙂

When you’re feeling down, our chocolates lift you up. And when you’re celebrating, it takes it takes it to a whole new level.

“I’ve travelled the world and I used to think the best chocolate was in Italy, and then I tried your chocolates.”  “Better Than Sees.”  “Top Notch!”

These are just a few of the many positive comments we hear from happy customers.

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And we’d love to share our chocolates with you, which are made with love and quality ingredients at 8,000 feet in Arizona’s White Mountains; with Belgian couverture chocolate that’s whole bean roasted, traceable and sustainable.

All named after awesome Arizona places…

Here’s the White Mountains Collection:

Alpine: This treat is a mound of chewy coconut joy, covered in Belgian dark chocolate to elevate your taste buds.

Baldy: The Baldy has a soft peanut butter center covered in Belgian milk chocolate with Belgian white chocolate on top.  Yep, bald is beautiful.

Greer:  The classy Greer is a Madagascar vanilla caramel enrobed in Belgian milk chocolate. If you’re in the mood for simply buttery caramel, this is the one.

Pinetop-Lakeside:  This is luscious caramel with sea salt toasted pecans, covered in Belgian milk chocolate. You don’t have to go to the ocean for a sea salt turtle; simply hang out at the Pinetop-Lakeside for this White Mountain version.

Show Low: Eating this buttery almond brittle is like winning the poker game this town was named after; only the deuce of clubs is crunchy goodness covered in Belgian milk chocolate.

Springerville-Eagar:  The Springerville-Eagar is real chocolate nougat covered in Belgian dark chocolate. It’s the fourth musketeer; the one with attitude.

The Arizona Collection:

Flagstaff: As minty fresh as the snow that falls on the San Francisco Peaks, this creamy peppermint fondant dipped in Belgian dark will melt your cares away.

Grand Canyon: Like the amazing layers of the Grand Canyon, Belgian milk chocolate covers nougat with buttery Madagascar vanilla on top. It’s a delicious classic.

Jerome: This “supernatural” combination of roasted peanuts and chewy raisins with Belgian milk chocolate is named after the ghostly former mining town. It’s hauntingly good.

Lake Havasu: What’s more proper than an English toffee? This buttery version that’s named after the Arizona city with the original London bridge.

Lost Dutchman Gold: The Lost Dutchman is a toasted hazelnut that’s tucked inside a blend of Belgian milk chocolate and Nutella; covered in Belgian Gold chocolate. Strike it rich with this tasty chocolate.

Phoenix: Like a white dove rising from the desert, this Belgian white chocolate truffle is filled with creamy white ganache with a touch of almond. It’s heavenly.

Prescott: “Everybody’s Hometown” makes us think of caramel apple pie. So, for the Prescott we started with buttery Madagascar vanilla caramel and added Golden Delicious apple, and dipped it in Belgian Gold (caramel) chocolate. So good.

Scottsdale: As classy as the western town it’s named for is this creamy milk chocolate truffle, with melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate ganache enrobed in Belgian milk chocolate. Yum.
Sedona: Belgian Ruby chocolate covered nougat with toasted walnut and dried sweet cherries, reminds us of the beautiful and sweet red rocks of Sedona.
Tombstone:  The old days of Tombstone were kind of “dark and nutty”, which is why these sea salt toasted cashews are covered in Belgian dark chocolate. Corral some goodness.
Tucson: This Mexican dark chocolate truffle is filled with creamy Belgian dark ganache, and just a hint of spice to warm your heart.
White Mountains:  Like Arizona’s beautiful White Mountains, this creamy Belgian white chocolate covers crunchy peanuts that are tucked away inside buttery Madagascar vanilla caramel.

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