We’d love to send some sunshine your way…

Note:  Due to Arizona Cottage Food laws, we ship only within the state of Arizona. And due to heat, we ship from November through March so the chocolates maintain their quality. (Thank you for your understanding.)  🙂

We ship an assortment of 12 handcrafted chocolates.  Each box contains an insert with the description of each chocolate.

Yes, we do custom orders!

  • Get one box of 12 for $24, plus a flat shipping rate of $11 to anywhere in Arizona.
  • Ship up to six boxes for the same low cost of $11! (to the same location in Arizona).
  • For larger quantities or custom boxes, please contact us at (480) 688-3924 (call or text).

Please choose the quantity below and pay securely:

Assortment of 12 Handcrafted Chocolates